Attendance at the SXSW 2013 festival is only possible through registering to get a badge. Registration badges are required for access to SXSW Conference, Festival, and Trade Show events. You can register online for the event of your choice (Music, Film, or Interactive) or a combination of events (Platinum = Music + Film + Interactive | Gold = Film + Interactive).

SXSW Platinum, Film, Interactive, and Gold registration is open:

Thursday, March 7th 10am-10pm
Friday, March 8th 9am-11pm
Saturday, March 9th 9am-6pm
Sunday, March 10th 9am-6pm
Monday, March 11th 9am-6pm
Tuesday, March 12th 9am-10pm

SXSW Platinum, Music, Film and Gold Registration is open:

Monday, March 11th 9am-6pm
Tuesday, March 12th 9am-10pm
Wednesday, March 13th 9am-10pm
Thursday, March 14th 9am-10pm
Friday, March 15th 10am-7pm
Saturday, March 16th 11am-4pm

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