Apache Lake Music Festival is a 3-day camping and music festival that showcases the best bands that Arizona has to offer. The event usually takes place around the second weekend in October. It is held at the incredibly beautiful Apache Lake, and is one of the best local music and camping festivals out there.

2012 Line Up:Edit

  • Doctor Bones
  • Mergence
  • Banana Gun
  • Wizards of Time
  • Future Loves Past
  • Dry River Yatch Club
  • Ghetto Cowgirl
  • Greyhound Soul
  • Danger Paul
  • Decker
  • Goetta
  • The Sugar Thieves
  • Quick Henry
  • Tramps and Theives
  • Sasquanaut
  • Japhy's Descent

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All camping at Apache Lake is open and on a first come, fisrt serve basis. Tickets to the Festival are sold seperatly.

There is a hotel at Apache Lake, and is usually sells out early.